Merv Pinny was born in the King Country and grew up in a small town call Te Aroha. Merv Pinny is both a composer and artist in country, rock and blues music and become a well-known artist around New Zealand in the early 1990's.

Merv started playing music at only ten years old when he brought a guitar off his brother for $10. Two years later he was singing and playing in a band with his two older brothers. The band was set up in the lounge and almost drove their mum crazy with the loud music and the odd game of rugby!

Merv left school at 15 and worked on a farm, playing in a band six nights a week; through out his music career this odd mix of farming and music become an unique icon of Merv as an artist.

Merv has three kiwi hit disks credited to his name and is signed with Sony Music Publishing. One of his albums, 'Destiny', was released on the Edge Warder Label and was nominated as the best country rock album at the New Zealand music awards in 1995. The same year Merv was also nominated best male vocals.

Merv Pinny's first single was within the 20 hits for New Zealand, and his single 'Destiny' won rock single for the year at the Waikato rock awards.


Over the years Merv Pinny has preformed at some of New Zealand's top music events and played in front of audiences from 50 to up to 15,000.

Merv music was put on hold in 1996 after he had a motor bike crash in which he broke his back and spent six weeks in the spinal unit with perilous. He received a spinal fusion which took more then two years to recover from.

"I just love to play for people who rock!" - Merv Pinny